Hangzhou Shanghai World Foreign LanguagePrimary School was founded in autumn was founded in autumn 2013. The schoolformulates the philosophy of “Let the students embrace the world and let theworld be part of the school life”. The school adopts small class teachinglimiting student number up to 25 in every class and led by Chinese and foreignteachers. Bilingual section incorporates advantages of Chinese and Westerneducation, emphasize on learning basic knowledge and developing comprehensiveabilities and complete all educational tasks during compulsory education withhigh quality. Graduates will have the ability to compete with both Chinese andforeign students, gain huge advantage in school choice and lay concrete foundationin their future learning. PYP section devotes to cultivating lifelong learnerswith international mindedness, critical and creative thinking and inquirers, knowledgers,thinkers, communicators and global citizens with balanced developments.


The school implements the principalaccountability under the leadership of school board. The teaching team in thisschool has updated phisophy, high quality and professional expertise. Thechairman of Juneyao Group, Wang Junjin, is the chairment of school board. The schoolfounder, outstanding worldwide person, national advance educator, Shanghaimodel worker, Wang Xiaoping, is the vice chairman of school board. Advanceworker in Minhang District of Shanghai and owner of Yuanding Prize in XuhuiDistrict, Chen minxian, is current school principal.

The school welcomes personages ofvarious circles, open up cooperative education, put research resultsinto practice, combine education with scientific research, absorb advantages ofChinese and Western education and cultures, preserve the character ofinternational school, advocate personality of students and teachers and fosterglobal citizens.

Inscription written by previous president of ChineseEducation Society

Vice provincial governor surveyededucational internationalization





         Chairman of Juneyao Group,           Wang Junjin 

The mayor of Hangzhou inspected HangzhouWorld Foreign Language primary school.






Minister of Education, Chen Zhili, inspected ShanghaiWorld Foreign School

The director of provincial elementaryeducation department, Fang Tianlu visited campus.